About Lifejackets

Choosing a Lifejacket 

The Statistics

Anytime anyone goes boating, there's a chance to fall overboard.  A PFD (Personal floatation device) is designed to keep your head above water and to help you remain in a position which permits proper breathing.  An average adult only needs artificial buoyancy of 7 to 12 pounds to remain afloat and virtually all approved personal floatation devices provide this amount of floatation.  Don't take a chance you need to know the facts about your lifejacket.

When buying a life jacket, always check the labels to make sure it has been approved by the Australian Standards - it must be well designed, fit well and it must be in good condition to meet safety requirements.

A lifejacket is perhaps the most important safety item you will ever buy.

Seafarers in ever increasing numbers are acknowledging the benefits of inflatable personal floatation devices.  They are lightweight, compact and comfortable to wear and will be worn willingly when conventional types are often donned reluctantly.

Every year a large number of fatal boating incidents occur in Australian waters, many of them preventable.  In 80% of the incidents that have occurred over the past three years, those deceased were not wearing a personal floatation device (PFD) at the time of the incident.  Evidence suggests that some of these deaths may have been avoided if the individual had been wearing a personal floatation device (State Coroner's Office 2003).

Choosing a lifejacket

Choosing a lifejacket or buoyancy aid can be quite daunting.  With so many different choices and variations available, it is difficult to know where to start.  We hope that the information in this website will help you decide which type is best suited to your requirements.

There are many reasons why you should choose a Crewsaver Air Only Lifejacket.  Here are the 12 most important.

1. Crewsaver Lifejackets have separate hardwearing outer covers to protect the inflation chamber.

2. Adjustable back straps ensure that the Lifejacket fits nearly all body types and sizes.  They also prevent rubbing on the legs when bending and pull the collar of the Lifejacket down to prevent snagging when on board.

3. To promote a faster turning motion, each Lifejacket has a bias on the inflator, (one side is slightly bigger than the other).

4. We use only the highest quality 50mm nylon webbing on harnesses.  For non-harness versions we use high quality 40mm polyester for all webbing.

5. Adjustable double thigh/crutch straps are supplied free of charge with all Crewfit Lifejackets.

6. All Lifejackets are test inflated TWICE before leaving the factory.

7. Inflation chambers can withstand double inflation without bursting, though this is not recommended! Double inflation may occur when the Lifejacket has been orally inflated, perhaps in preparation for an evacuation situation and then when in the water inflated again using the cylinder.

8. Superior grade anti-magnetic stainless steel components are used on harness versions.

9.  Easy to re-arm and re-pack with re-arming packs readily available from stockists.

10. Free CD with all Lifejackets giving full instructions on use and servicing, etc.

11. Full factory repair service is also available.

12. On the harness version the shoulder straps are concealed between outer cover and inflation chamber.