Servicing Lifejackets

Servicing of Personal Floatation Devices/Life Jackets

To prolong the life of your garment we recommend a full  service every 12 months

The service includes:

Testing the inflation and bladder system
Servicing and replacing parts as required 
Cleaning the garment.

Care & Maintenance

Hand wash and rinse jacket in fresh water after exposure to salt water.
Ensure garment is dry prior to storage.
DO NOT machine wash or tumble dry.
NOTE: Remove water activation bobbin (if fitted) prior to washing.
Check air chamber by regularly inflating via oral tube located next to CO2 cylinder.
Leave inflated overnight.
Check that CO2 cylinder has not been pierced and is screwed in tightly.


Annual Service/ Rearming and Provision of compliance certificates.

$35 per unit (excluding GST and parts)

Examples of non-compliance

- Stained external covers, ie. diesel rust oil
- Contaminated CO2 cylinder
- Worn gasket/bobbins
- Bladder failure

Payment terms for servicing

7 days